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Are you ready to incorporate your business?

To incorporate, or not to incorporate? Incorporating your business or forming an LLC might seem like a hassle but with the right help and professional guidance it is much easier than you think.

Whether you plan to launch an internet startup, open a local business, live abroad and use a U.S. entity for your investments or want to incorporate your business for any other reason - Onbic will provide you with all the necessary services to ensure that the administrative processes are completed in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of effort on your part.

You can be ready to incorporate your business or form an LLC in less than 15 minutes by using our secure online form or by calling our customer service representatives, toll free, at +1 (844) 310-8111. Yes, it's that simple!

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US Companies for Foreigners - Registering Your Company In The US

US Companies for Foreigners - Registering Your Company In The US

What Documents Are Needed?

First of all, to register a company in the US you don't need to present any documents - only information. Documents would be necessary in case you want a US address or need to open a bank account, but not for company registration. 

Do I Need To Be In The US To Open My Company?

Not at all. All filings can be done remotely, with us serving as your proxy in the US In almost all cases when we need a signature from our clients this can be done electronically.  

Choice of State

If you plan to buy real estate property, or open a "brick and mortar" store in the US it is recommended to form your company in the state where this property or store is physically located.

If your business has no physical connection to any specific state it is recommended to form your company in one of the incorporation-friendly states, such as Delaware , Wyoming , or Nevada .

Majority of our clients choose either Delaware or Wyoming, due to more expensive fees in Nevada. You can see the comparison between those 3 states here: Delaware vs. Wyoming vs. Nevada .

Choice of Entity

Foreigners can choose primarily between two types of entities: LLC and C-Corporation . LLC is the most common type of entity chosen by our foreign clients due to its simplicity, flexibility and single taxation. C-Corporation mostly chosen by young entrepreneurs looking to obtain Angel or VC financing.

You can see a comparison between LLC and C-Corporation here: LLC vs. Corporation .

Registered Agent

First of all, to register a company in the US you don't need to present any documents - only information.

Documents would be necessary in case you want a US address or need to open a bank account, but not for company registration.

Legal entities, such as corporations and LLCs, must appoint a person or an entity to act as their registered agent, so in case someone sues them the papers will be served on the registered agent at the registered office. A registered agent is the person or an entity appointed to accept legal documents on behalf of the corporation.

The purpose of the Registered Agent is to maintain a consistent physical legal address in the state in which your company is incorporated or doing business. It also will receive governmental and legal correspondence, including your annual report notices, any delinquency notices and many other documents that your company may be required to respond or take action.

Most states require that a registered agent be listed for the business in the state of incorporation or a state in which it is doing business. The state will suspend any company if it fails to maintain an agent.

In order for your business to maintain good standing status it must also maintain a Registered Agent.

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Restrictions and Things to Consider

First of all, as a foreigner you are not required to have Social Security Number to open your company and obtain EIN (company tax ID). You also don't need to have a US address or phone number, however if you like to have US address and/or phone it's possible to obtain them from us.

Banking in the US is a more complicated topic. There are some companies on the internet that promise international clients help in opening a bank account remotely, but we warn our clients to be careful with those who claim they can help that way. To learn more about banking in the US, associated problems, and possible solutions please read our article " Opening a Bank Account in the United States ".

Our U.S. Incorporation Services

USA Flag MapOur company is an independent business services and we are not affiliated with any state or government agency. We offer professional business filing services that ensure your company is accurately filed and in compliance.

We provide full service of forming your company, which includes everything from drafting and filing the Articles with the state for your choice, providing registered agent in any of the 50 state and DC, obtaining EIN for non-US owners, drafting Operating Agreement, obtaining all necessary licenses and tax IDs, certifying your company documents for foreign use, and more.

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Onbic has three incorporation packages to fit your specific business needs.
Each package is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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WebDesign-300Designing Your Website
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Logo-Design-300Designing Your Logo
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U.S. Federal Trademark Registration
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Choosing the best name for your business.
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International Expansion to China

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Do You need to have a US office,marketing team or manufacturing?
Onbic offers everything you need to get started with your business.

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